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Little Known or Interesting Factoids About Trees and Tree Physiology

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Let's examine their web page!

Home Page
A global distributor, now that sounds very impressive. A compost tea (Bio-Stimulants) supplied by AgriEnergy Resources in Illinois and dedicated to producing organic fertilizer products to the Ag Industry. The microbes are produced in Texas and purchased by AgriEnergy and added as part of their product. 

Metabolic triggers, now that will make you scratch your head ! Cytokinins are plant hormones 
or growth regulators, every plant grows according to its genetic code. 

"A Think Tank" Another way to side skirt around bonified university research, relative to product and its response to the disease.

Incorporated in 1998, in their advertising articles, that happened in 1995, get your facts straight boys!

Originally developed as bio-stimulants / nutrients ..... It's still the same ... just marketed as 
TreeLife TM ...... only now we want to keep the ingredients a secret and the public guessing. 

Their test results and research showed .... well the truth after 8 years of drought and the last 4 very severe drought conditions, any tree will respond and recover from drought stress with water, the most important factor involved here. 

C E 0's Kevin Collier and Linvel Baker are no longer with TreeLife , ..... a development of personal conflict and conviction. 

TreeLife TM ...... it's origin was Ag crop production. .. ya .. it would be good for turf and fruit trees, it is still good for Ag crop production too. 

There are a couple of additives from Agriculture Science in Dallas ( Agrispon ands Sincocin) part of the secret ingredient. Last those "Humectants" (Industrial Anti-Freeze) The formula is complete. 

About treelife 
A special formula, well we told you all about the formula, I remember... oh ya ... like the two old sisters on the Walton's .... they called it .... " The Recipe"...what ever it is, it sounds good and safe...
bio-stimulants and nutrients... still the same basic foliar fertilizer with bios, however you say it. 

Incorporated in 98 or 95 ??? Whatever?.. in two or five years they crammed in ten years of research and 4 1/2 of testimonials. It's all true, I think. 
SSprreeaaddiinngg the feerrttiillizzer. Just two people as the developers and scientists, our research was so intense there was no time to sleep, just eat and spread fertilizer, all that fertilizer no more Oak Wilt problem!! ... Problem solved..!!!!

Ceratocystis Fagacearus, the causative agent here, enters the vascular system and clings to the vascular wall and continues to grow clogging the vascular system, disrupting the flow of water and nutrients. The trees only defenses at this point (a defeatist one at that) is to shut down, kill it self and kill the disease. The tree is not concerned with building cells, cellulose or storing food. It is dying and wants only to survive. TreeLife's formulation will not and can not open the vascular system, repair the transport vessels or cure the disease (If milk could cure cancer, none of us could afford milk). It is going to take more than metabolic "triggers" to save a dying tree. 

Dr Albrecht was not the least bit interested in oak wilt or live oak trees, his research was "SOILS" 
to produce crops and food to feed the world, and oak wilt was not around then. 
A little tree biology lesson now. ... TreeLife ... it is going to resurrect a dying tree .... truly a miracle and followers all come forward, watch and be saved !! 

For the real biology stuff see articles: "Trees Are Vital", "Fertilizing Trees & Shrubs", "Nitrogen", and "Inside Trees". These articles will explain how trees react, grow and survive. 

Oak Wilt 
Are we talking oak wilt or oak decline here? The "by by beetle" ... it was a nitidulidae beetle, the last I heard. Remember, the pathogen has to have a living host and does not live in the soil. 

There do nothing, well it says nothing when you really think about it. 

Trenching, the new prescribed depths, we discussed that early in first articles and the cost, well it does not supercede their $600.00 per hour spraying cost !!!!

TreeLife wants you to believe that the injection cost is excessive, the rates are from $6. to $10. per dia. inch and with bi-annual treatment with Alamo that is $60 to $100 per 10" dia. tree. TreeLife is twice a year at $50.00 per tree or $100.00 per year at a total of $200.00 per tree in the same two year period. 

TreeLife's philosophy is fertilization makes a healthy disease-killing machine. Wrong !! Rapid lush growth diverts a tree's energy from defense to growth inviting predators to attack. The fertilization program should be applied with caution in order to provide the nutrient needs of the Live Oak Tree and allowing it to continue to grow in its normal slow growth rate and not jeopardize it's health. 

Good physics and good biology and teachings by the experts, Dr Shigo has probably never seen a Live Oak Tree as his interest is primarily in the north east. Dr Arden Anderson an Ag Consultant, unrelated to Live Oak Trees and the same with Geo. Agrios author Plant Pathology, from Florida where the palm trees grow. It is the text and philosophies of researchers like this which had become the research and fact that TreeLife keep telling you that it is their research. 

Soil Samples only tell you about the soil and not what the Live Oak Tree needs, after all the tree is growing in that particular soil because that soil provides the needs of the tree. 

Michigan State University's finding on foliar feeding is in reference to green house plants and food crops, as it is very cost effective to foliar feed through irrigation. 

God can't resurrect a dead tree but TreeLife have in essence resurrected methods that proved
successful. Did I quote that out of context?

Their first paragraph, you need to read that once or twice and even then are your sure what they said and what you read?.

Foliar application of bios and fertilizer with water will help your trees without a doubt, but ask 
yourself, does Ag crop research and Ag Crop application suddenly produce a cure for Oak Wilt when the Ag production business still have the same disease problems they had using petro chemicals????? These bios only cure tree diseases, not crop diseases????

Will the real "Cure" please stand up ???

From May 1990 to present date, we were also known as:

                                                                  Oak TreeLife   toll free  1-800-Oak-Wilt (625-9458)

Strange appearance in 1995
another company named:                               TreeLife  toll free  1-877-Oak-Wilt  (625-9458)

                                             Similar name, similar phone number.. is that a slight misquote?

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