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 Karen L. Rockoff
Master Certified Landscaper TX 4803
ISA Certified Arborist TX 3308A
Certified Oak Wilt Specialist TX 0291

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Our mission for this website is to provide accurate and reliable information to residents and newcomers to the Texas Hill Country, to answer some of your questions, and to provide web links of related interests.  Take your time, enjoy our website, and thanks for visiting.

"Cork Trees Now Available"

I Have a Limited supply of the Cork Oak Trees (Cork Suber)
Call 1- 830-955-0304 for pickup and directions.
In small Containers 18" - 24" height for $10.00 ea.
Adult Trees are similar in size and shape of our
Live Oak Trees. Leaf cast is also in the spring time.

               Our Services

Oak Wilt Inspections & Analysis
KESTREL®  Propiconazole 14.3% Preventive or
Therapeutic Macro Infusion
Complete Tree Care Service
Insect - Fire Ant Control
Weed Control
Tree & Stump Removal
Trimming & Pruning
Fertilization - Foliar & Deep Root
Bio-Stimulants & Mycorrhiae
Tree Planting & Replacement
Live Oak Firewood

Texas Forest Management Oak wilt Suppression
For Information about Root Trenching;
A commonly used method to sever the interconnecting root systems, stop the
underground transmission and helps to isolate the disease from healthy trees.
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Protecting Forest, Trees, and Related Natural  Resources

 Karen Rockoff  
Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified
e mail:

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Contact: cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff-  Arborist  - TDA Certified


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