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Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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OAK WILT BULLETIN off label use

April 1999

Scenic Hills Nursery & Tree Service                                         
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Kerrville, Texas  78028-9163

Re: Oak Wilt Bulletin
Off Label Use of' "ALAMO'' Like Products                                                

Ciba Giegy and Sandos have merged to become one company under the name of NOVARTIS . This new company, will continue to produce ALAMO.  This chemical is licensed ONLY to inject into OAK TREES for the treatment of OAK WILT.

RAINBOW TREECARE SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT, have acquired the exclusive marketing, sales and distribution for ALAMO for the State of TEXAS and all of the UNITED STATES.

The prime objective is to stop all the off-label use of Alamo-like products -- BANNER, ORBIT and TILT.  To ensure that ALAMO and only ALAMO is used to inject into trees for the treatment of Oak Wilt in accordance with the labeling of this product.

These off label products -- BANNER, ORBIT and TILT -- are not labeled for oak tree injection and if use is suspected and proven, the fines for off-label use is $500 to $5000 per incident (per tree treated) and the loss of their applicators license.

Premeditated uses or lying to obtain product carries the higher fine. (This includes having another person purchase the product and having someone else to apply it). Arborist, Forest Service or Extensions Agents who recommend off-label use will be subject to serious consequences, including liability to the manufacturer of the product. 

As a Commercial Applicator, we have to comply with all the label law regulations, keep records of all the chemicals purchased and the amounts we use for each and every application. These same regulations apply to the individual person using these same chemicals.     

The law will be enforced by the Texas Structural  Pest Control  Board and the Texas Department of  Agriculture. Novartis and Rainbow Treecare will provide them with all records of these products -- Banner, Orbit and Tilt -- being purchased from all the distributors in Texas. All purchases will be investigated and any suspected individual or company must prove that these chemicals were used in accordance with the labeled uses.  

Jim Rediker

Karen Rockoff
Contact:  Cell: 830.955.0304
                     Karen Rockoff  Arborist  - TDA Certified

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