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Little Known or Interesting Factoids About Trees and Tree Physiology

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Sea Kelp

The ocean receives all the runoff from the entire earth, it contains all known minerals, trace elements and vitamins. In a chelated form ( water soluble) these nutrients are absorbed by the sea kelp. This primal supermarket supplies a more complete diet for sea plants than any nutrient rich soil or that fertilizer provides for land plants.

Sea Kelp contains more than seventy micronutrients, macronutrients, several plant hormones and a fair amount of nitrogen and potash, but very little phosphorus and all are chelated. Seaweed also contains antibiotics including bromphenols, tanning, phloroblucinol and terpenoids

The many naturally occurring hormones and plant growth regulators, cytokinins, gibberellins, and indoles regulates plant growth, which enables cells to differentiate into various plant organs, stimulate chloroplast formation and helps retard senescence (aging). Cytokinins have a direct bearing and accelerates the admission of nutrient elements, nitrates, phosphorus, potassium and calcium into plants. Cytokinins may also enhance photosynthesis, and subsequently the photosynthate (sugar) levels in the tree, which ultimately improves root growth. The auxins promote protein synthesis and cell division. A cheleating compound known as mannitol, which chelates micronutrients into forms that are ready available for plant use. The antitoxins fend off bacteria, fungi and insects.

Propiconazole (Banner) and Triadimefio (Bayleton), researchers learned in 1972 that some systemic fungicides such as triazoles, have cytokinin-like-biostimulant-and growth regulator properties, that are antagonistic to bacteria, fungi and insects.

Alamo has the exact same active ingrediants as Banner which is 14.3 % propiconazole and both products are manufactured by Norvartis.

Foliar application envokes an immediate response for trees in trouble with nutrient deficiencies, environmental stress conditions such as drought, temperature and diseases. The prime reason for using seaweed is to activate the soil microorganisms and the metabolic processes of the trees to overcome stress problems and evidence has shown that trees have an increase resistance to fungal diseases, overcome nutrient deficiencies and have greater ability to live through environmental stress periods. When cytokinins are applied to leaves, these leaves remain greener longer due to a slower rate of degradative processes and syntheses are stimulated. In other words, the treated leaves are rejuvenated and manufacture food for a longer period. Typically, the best response from foliar application of seaweed extracts occurs when the trees are under stress from a variety of causes.

"Call us not weeds, we are flowers of the sea."
E.L.Aveline, from the Mother’s Fables

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